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Zigadenus nuttallii (A. Gray) S. Watson
Family: Melanthiaceae
Nuttall's deathcamas
[Zygadenus nuttallii S.Watson]
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Plants 3-7.5 dm, from bulbs; bulbs not clumped, tunicate, ovoid, 15-40 × 9-35 mm. Leaves: proximal blades 15-45 cm × 3-15 mm. Inflorescences usually paniculate, 20-60-flowered, with 1-8 branches, narrow, terminal raceme pyramidal in early anthesis, 3-30 × 3-7 cm, proximal branches 1/10-1/2 length of entire inflorescence, ascending at 10°-60° angle. Flowers: perianth hypogynous, campanulate, 10-15 mm diam.; tepals persistent in fruit, cream colored, ovate, 3-8 × 1-4 mm, outer unclawed or rarely clawed to 5 mm, apex usually obtuse; gland 1, obovate, distal margins obscure, thin; filaments straight, usually equaling tepals, occasionally longer, thickened proximally; pedicel usually ascending in fruit, occasionally perpendicular to stem, 10-35 mm, bracts green, somewhat falcate, 3-20 mm. Capsules 8-16 × 3-8 mm. 2n = 32. Flowering Mar--Jun. Tallgrass prairie, calcareous glades, rocky hillsides; 500--1200 m; Ark., Kans., Mo., Okla., Tex.