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Chenopodium incanum var. incanum
Family: Amaranthaceae
mealy goosefoot,  more...
[Chenopodium fremontii var. incanum S. Wats.]
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Plants 0.6-1.5(-3) dm. Stems densely branched from base, branches spreading to slightly ascending. Leaf blades 1-1.5 cm, basal teeth acute, apex acute. Inflorescences with glomerules crowded. Seeds 0.9-1.1 mm diam. Fruiting summer. Sand soils and hills, limestone and gypsiferous soils, waste areas; 500-2500 m; Alta., Sask.; Ariz., Colo., Kans., Nebr., N.Mex., Okla., S.Dak., Tex., Utah, Wyo.