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Dichanthelium oligosanthes var. scribnerianum (Nash) Gould (redirected from: Panicum oligosanthes var. scribnerianum)
Family: Poaceae
Scribner's rosette grass,  more...
[Dichanthelium oligosanthes var. helleri (Nash) Mohlenbrock,  more]
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Culms solitary or few, erect or geniculate at base, tall and stout, 7-15 dm, with a broad viscid-glabrous band just below the nodes, otherwise softly long-spreading- hairy and with bearded nodes; sheaths loose, often constricted at the summit, densely reflexed-villous at base, softly hairy distally except along the middle of the back, where glabrous and viscid; blades lanceolate, the larger 10-25 cm נ10-20 mm, slightly narrowed to the rounded base, softly hairy on both sides; primary panicle ovoid, many-fld, 8-15 cm, softly hairy, glandular-spotted; spikelets soft-hairy, obovoid, abruptly apiculate, 2-2.7 mm; first glume two-fifths as long, triangular-ovate, acute; second glume slightly shorter than the fr and sterile lemma; autumnal phase copiously branched and rebranched from the middle and upper nodes, the blades progressively reduced and the uppermost often with the sheaths hairy throughout, the panicles small, few-fld, usually shorter than the blades; 2n=18. Wet soil; Cuba and Fla. to Tex., n. to Mo., Ky., N.C., and along the coastal plain to Mass. (Dichanthelium s.)

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