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Leersia virginica Willd.
Family: Poaceae
white cutgrass,  more...
[Homalocenchrus ovata (Poir.) Kuntze,  more]
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Slender and weak, erect or decumbent and rooting at base, 5-15 dm; sheaths smooth or scaberulous, rarely retrorse-scabrous; ligule short, truncate; blades scaberulous, especially marginally, rarely hairy, 5-20 cm נ3-15 mm; panicle 5-20 cm, its branches solitary, distant, mostly straight, spreading, floriferous from about the middle; spikelets scarcely imbricate, the tip of one seldom extending to the middle of the next, appressed to ascending; lemma 2.9-4.1 mm, a fourth to a third as wide, sparsely ciliate on the keel and margins, smooth to pilose on the sides; stamens 2; 2n=48. Moist or wet woods; Que. to Minn. and S.D., s. to Fla. and Tex. (Homalocenchrus v.)

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