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Nemacladus gracilis Eastw.
Family: Campanulaceae
slender threadplant
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Plant: annual; roots fibrous; stems spreading to ascending, 2.5-10 cm; base dull reddish brown Leaves: basal; 2.5-8 mm, oblanceolate to oblong, irregularly dentate to ± pinnately lobed, hairy; petiole short, narrowed to wide INFLORESCENCE: ± raceme-like; axis straight or weakly zigzag; bracts 2-4 mm, linear-oblong, tip recurved, 1 per flower; pedicels 5-12 mm, 0.1 mm diam, reflexed, slightly S-curved, tip erect, thread-like Flowers: bisexual, inverted; hypanthium 0.5 mm; sepals ± 0.5 mm, linear, spreading; corolla 1.5-2 mm, ± 1/2 divided, white with lavender veins, sparsely hairy, lobes erect; filaments free at base, fused into tube above, filament tube ± 1 mm, tip curved, fine-hairy; anthers 0.5 mm Fruit: capsule, ± 1.5 mm, hemispheric (base acute, tip rounded); dehiscing at tip by 2 valves; chambers 2; Seed ± 0.5 mm, widely elliptic; surface with vertical zigzag ridges alternating with clearly pitted rows Misc: Rocky slopes, sandy washes; < 1900 m.; Mar-Apr