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Hymenocallis occidentalis var. eulae (Shinners) G. Lom. Sm. & W. Flory
Family: Amaryllidaceae
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Leaves appearing in late winter, withering in late spring before anthesis, suberect, to 5 cm wide. Scape bracts lanceolate, 4-5 cm. 2n = 52. Flowering mid summer--early fall. Heavy soils near streams that periodically overflow and seepage slopes; 0--100 m; Okla., Tex. Hymenocallis occidentalis var. eulae is in need of additional study. The type collection is in poor condition, and only a small number of other collections were available for study. The floral data now available does not justify recognizing this entity as a separate species. However, the presence of suberect leaves and their senescence before anthesis do indicate a degree of genetic difference that we consider sufficient to support varietal rank.